Washing and Grooming

Grooming is an important part of pet care. Depending on the breed, age,and health of your pet, grooming may even need to be a part of you and your pet’s daily routine. Many breeds require less grooming than this, but regular grooming always helps to keep your pet healthy and comfortable. Some breeds like Poodles don't shed their hair effectivelyand require grooming by a professional every 6-8 weeks. Long haired cats can particularly benefit from regular grooming as it helps prevent the formation of knots in the coat and hairballs in the stomach.

Grooming at Home

We encourage you to also engage in regular grooming with your pet at home. There are numerous benefits of regular grooming, for example:

  • Decreased chance of skin problems
  • Optimal skin cleanliness and comfort for you and your pet
  • Improved monitoring of health issues like the presence of lumps or skin lesions, pain, or changes in temperament
  • Enhanced behavioural routines with obedient submission during grooming periods
  • Closer bonding with your pet through regular contact

Professional Grooming Services 

We unfortunately do not offer grooming and washing services for cats and dogs of any size and breed. We would happily recommend a groomer locally if you are interested.

We do however offer a clip and tidy which can be done in the consultation rooms this is generally trimming of the hair around the eyes or bottom area, nail clipping, and we can also clip hair under sedation or anaesthesia if your pet can not tolerate groomers.  

We can also wash your pet (for health purposes) with suitable shampoo and conditioner. 

So come and visit or make an appointment today.